Accommodation in Cesma

Singularly the most enjoyable stay. The location is perfect for hunting house, the weather will be warm in August, the host is EXCEPTIONAL. Stunning decorated with attention to hunting.

Fantastic and comfortable room (#2), the perfect setting, the wonderful weather and the ultimate host. This will be the stay by which all others will be compared after the competition.

In addition to incredible hospitality (and fine English), the food and presentation is also EXCEPTIONAL. This stay is the whole package during the Topshooter Competition.

Accommodation in Luka

You will love everything about this property . Exceptionally clean and spacious and well decorated with attention to minor details and hunting. Parking is inside the gated porch. Hosts are courteous, helpful, super friendly and welcoming.

Rooms are clean and comfortable. Beautiful countryside! Dinner and breakfast delicious. Hosts is very good in English. Highly recommend this accommodation also.

We are at the moment getting more accommodations agreements with local hotels, Inn’s and other places, and will update the site ongoing