The story behind Topshooter and its founder.

It al began when I as a young man was enlisted in The Royal Danish Guards in 1978 and the interest in weapons in general started growing.

Having been posted as a UN soldier to Cyprus several times in 1982 I participated in the world-renowned (many nations participating) Dancon March and won with best time to date, I learned a great deal about myself, which made me decide to leave the armed forces in 1986 to become a shooting instructor within gun and rifles. Today I still practice this as well as hunting both domestically and abroad.

The idea of a European shooting tournament

On several trips abroad in the 90´ties and early 00’s, I had experience with smaller competition with 8 different weapons in a private area in the USA and various shooting ranges in Oklahoma (Indians in the country of origin) as well as visit to the world’s largest Colt museum. It sets the imagination in motion and the ideas starts developing in my head about a similar competition in Denmark with many different shooting disciplines and participants from all over Europe. Unfortunately, this type of competition is not legal in Denmark, so I started searching for other possibilities to be able to hold this one of its kind competition.

As luck would it, I came to know people in the Croatian Hunting Organization and after 6 years I was introduced to someone in the Ministry of Nature and forestry in Croatia, and after having held meetings over a period of almost 2 years I had all the approvals needed to finally be able to develop and hold a Topshooter competition – provided that this could be done in collaboration with a large professional hunting organization and that I could provide the areas and suitable surroundings. I then searched for suitable locations in Croatia and I found a perfect area for this in 2017 and in January 2018 I finally had all the licenses and approvals needed to hold the first ever Topshooter competition which was held in august 2018 and was a huge success in all parameters. Many sponsors, great prices for the best shooters, nice and comfortable accommodations just to mention a few.

Sign up for the Topshooter 2019 competition

I am sure my interest in shooting, weapons and hunting are shared by many and I hope I can inspire many to participate in Topshooter  – It is a fantastic experience in beautiful surroundings in the middle of the Croatian nature, here you find very friendly people, tasty local food and locally produced wines, fantastic.


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